The Top 6 Extreme Adrenaline Activities to do in Sydney

The Top 6 Extreme Adrenaline Activities to do in SydneySure, a walk around circular quay is always pleasant and lying on Bondi beach is blissfully relaxing – but how about doing something on your Sydney tour to really get your heart pumping and give you something to tell your friends about? After all, what better place is there to get your adrenaline fix than Sydney, Australia’s action-packed largest city, where you can have an epic adventure under the gorgeous Aussie sun.

So, if you’re looking for something that bit extreme and out of the ordinary to make your time in Sydney totally unforgettable, or just looking for something different (and extreme) to try near home, here are our top six adrenaline activities in Sydney, New South Wales.

WRX Turbo Rally Extreme Drive 16 Laps + 1 hot lap, Sydney

#6: Rally Driving in Sydney

Get behind the steering wheel of a custom-built rally car, finely tuned for the ultimate performance and thrill, and muscle it around sixteen epic laps of a Sydney racetrack. As genuine rally cars, Subaru WRX STis and Mitsubishi Evo 8s are ultra-responsive, ultra-cool, and most of all – ultra-fast. Give it your best shot and go for your fastest time before handing over the keys to a professional rally driver for a hot lap. With a professional driver at the helm, it’s sure to get the heart rate up, and leave a wide grin on your face. An incredible experience for any motoring enthusiast, or anyone with a need for speed!

Sydney Diving Course, PADI Open Water, Three Days

#5: Get PADI Certified

Sydney is synonymous with sea, sun and surf, so is there anywhere better to become PADI certified? The perfect souvenir of your time in Sydney, a PADI certification allows you to dive all over the world, opening up the beauty, mystery and diversity of the oceans to you permanently. Discover the deepest, darkest depths of the oceans, searching out tropical fish or exploring historic shipwrecks, with your PADI certificate. Best of all, the course is a wonderful way to spend three days in Sydney, completing at least four dives to fascinating open water sites such as Bare Island, where you can spot marine life including colourful coral, sea stars, gropers and other tropical fish.

Offshore Fast Boat Ride Sydney to Bondi Beach

#4: Take the Fast Boat from Sydney to Bondi Beach

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach are two of Sydney’s most famous and unmissable landmarks – but don’t just meander past them, take in the views as you skip over the water aboard a fast boat between the two. Enjoy a hair-raising ride that reaches maximum speeds of up to 75 kilometres per hour, as you ride from Sydney Cove to Bondi Beach, taking in a variety of famous sights on the way and enjoying the thrill of the ride. Not only is the trip amazing fun, but you’ll also get plenty of great photo opportunities from a different perspective.

Drive a V8 Off Road Race Buggy and Yamaha YXZ 1000 buggy

#3: Drive an Offroad Buggy

Start your engine, folks, and get ready to spin around 12 adrenaline-pumping laps of an off-road circuit at the helm of a fiesty Yamaha XYZ Offroad Buggy. With just a smidgen under 1,000 horsepower, this buggy has got guts, and you’re in control as you zip around the circuit! You’ll have an expert in the co-driver’s seat as you test out the capabilities around the track – you might get a little dusty, but it’s all in the fun! Then, let your professional co-driver take the wheel and fly around for two additional hot laps that are sure to really get the adrenaline pumping.

Empress Falls Canyoning Tour, Blue Mountains, Full Day

#2: Canyoning in the Blue Mountains

Less than an hour from Sydney, the beautiful Blue Mountains are a natural wonder just waiting to be explored and conquered. While many see them on a hike, take in a different view of the mountains with an exciting canyoning experience. Once your harness is secured, you’re ready to scale the sides of the mountain, chanelling your inner Spiderman and taking in some truly epic views. Journey into the sandstone rock before using your newfound canyoneering skills to scale the cliff-face to reach the Sydney sun again.

Sydney Aerobatic Joy Flight in a Pitts Special S2A

#1: Do a Loop-de-Loop on an Aerobatic Joyflight over Sydney

Imagine soaring above the sprawling metropolis of Sydney in a nimble aircraft, sitting in the co-pilot’s seat. You’re just beginning to soak up the view when the plane suddenly accelerates, moving into a series of loops, barrel rolls and other stunts to get you feeling the gravity – and the adrenaline!  Be prepared for the ride of your life as your expert pilot takes you through a routine of moves and tricks that will have you feeling like the ultimate daredevil and making the ultimate holiday memories. A seriously epic thing to do in Sydney and an experience you’ll surely never forget.

So, there you have it – our six most epic ideas for adrenaline activities in Sydney, New South Wales’ capital and the busiest city in Australia. One thing is for sure – whichever of these adrenaline activities you choose, you’re sure to have a hair-raising time creating incredible memories in the Land Down Under.

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