Sydney Skydiving prices – how much is skydiving in Sydney?

It may seem like a simple enough question but we get asked it quite a bit… What are the Sydney skydiving prices or How much is skydiving in Sydney?

Sydney skydiving prices are controlled by two skydiving operations. They have two slightly different pricing points mainly due to location. You will not find any skydiving operators within Sydney’s CBD. Sydney Skydivers is located on the outskirts of Sydney’s south-west at Picton. They are the longest running skydiving outfit in Sydney and have a very high reputation. Great location with views to the Blue Mountains and the surrounding countryside. They have their own airstrip onsite so there’s no need for transportation to an airport.

If learning to skydive is your goal then Sydney Skydivers are your only choice in Sydney. They offer the full AFF course starting from AFF Stage 1 though to Stage 9. Each of the stages can be taken as individual components.

Sydney skydiving prices, what does it cost?

If it’s a tandem skydiving flight over water you’re after then you’ll need to head south to Wollongong. Skydive the Beach operate out of Wollongong and they to have a very high reputation and safety record. Beach landings are usually the go but at times you may land in the park next to the beach depending on weather conditions. Where every you land though, the views while skydiving are simply amazing. After a quick trip to the airport at Albion Park, you’ll be up and at 14,000 feet before you know it. With views up and down the south coast and out to see, its easy to see why this skydiving experience is so popular.

So what are the Sydney skydiving prices?

We think both operators offer a great price point for the skydiving product they offer.

Sydney Skydivers price is $249* for both weekday and weekend tandem skydiving jumps. Remember, Sydney Skydivers are the only operator to offer skydiving lessons and the full AFF course.

Skydive The Beach Wollongong are a little more expensive but their weekend jump is currently offering a $50 discount. 

Follow the links below for further details.

Sydney Skydivers

Skydive The Beach Wollongong

Note, that the weekend skydiving experience is currently reduced by $50.

*Prices are current as of 5 Nov 2018 and are subject to change by the operator.

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