Roaring 40s Kayaking, a Tasmanian award winning kayak tour company

Tasmania has many successful adventure tourism businesses, but none stand out more so than the husband and wife team at Roaring 40s Kayaking. Reg and Jenny Grundy have been operating their business now from Hobart for over 7 years. It’s fair to say they have built an enviable business and have the awards and accolades that go with this. Regarded as Tasmania’s premier sea kayaking operator, owner Jenny was kind enough to share some of their story with Break Loose. 

What are your qualifications or experience in adventure tourism?

Reg is a qualified sea kayak instructor/assessor and loves nothing more than being on the water – whether it is sea kayaking or white water. It also brings him a lot of pleasure sharing his love of kayaking with friends, so tour guiding was an easy step for him. I have a degree in Environmental Management and I’ve had experience working in Natural Resource Management and Interpretation.


Roaring 40s half day Hobart kayaking tour


What drove you to start or manage an adventure tour business?

Reg’s love of kayaking and teaching kayaking! We meet so many fabulous people which makes it so worthwhile.

What do you like most about your role?

The people we meet and the joy we see on their faces when they see a seal swim past their kayak, or paddle over swell in the Southern Ocean.

Which tour/experience do you enjoy the most?

Hard question as we love all our tours, but our favourite is probably our Tasman Peninsula full-day paddle. Fortescue Bay on the Tasman Peninsula is so picturesque with Australia’s highest sea cliffs and the resident fur seals. It is also a more challenging day of sea kayaking covering a 13kms circuit, so always feel like you get a good workout as well as a grand adventure.


Kayaking amongst Fur Seals near Hobart Tasmania.


Tell us about some interesting experiences you’ve had kayaking.

Kayaking Fortescue Bay on the Tasman Peninsula is a stunning nature paddle with seals and amazing sea bird viewing including sea eagles. One day we were paddling across the bay when a whale surfaced right beside the group. We stayed still and watched the whale for about 30 minutes. Totally amazing.

Reg is a born and bred Tasmanian but did leave the state for a few years before coming back 8 years ago. He kayaked across Bass Strait on his return from Victoria to Tasmania. It is in Reg’s blood to be working on the ocean in Tasmania. His great-grandfather was the Bruny Island lighthouse keeper (just off the coast of southern Tasmania), his grandfather was a fisherman and his father was a marine surveyor.


Roaring 40s Kayaking Tours


What keeps you fit, happy & healthy?

Besides kayaking … we both love cycling and walking in the Tasmanian bush. Anything that gets us outside in the wilderness and we are so lucky in Tassie to have this wilderness on our doorstep.

Have you always been the adventure business?

Previously Reg worked as a Maintenance Planner, but being cooped up in an office really didn’t agree with him. Most recently Jenny worked in Natural Resource Management for the government, previously she had worked at a Regional Tourism and Development Office and a Marketing company. All good skills that help running a small tourism business.


Kayaking in one of the many sheltered bays near Hobart.


When Australia is up and running again after the COVID-19 Pandemic, what do you think we will have learnt from this experience?

How wonderful our communities are at caring and looking after each other (including our kayaking community). We hope this can continue after this pandemic.

Lastly, what’s the first thing you’ll do after the pandemic is over?

Go camping. While we are lucky with many bush tracks still open around Hobart, a few nights spent under the stars is required! Might take the kayaks or just bushwalking shoes – or both!

Thank you so much, Jenny, for sharing some of your thoughts and story.

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