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Australia is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, from pristine beaches, to outback havens. With a mainland continent, the island of Tasmania, as well as many smaller islands, Australia is rich with opportunities to explore and adventures to undertake. Due to Australia’s beautiful coastline, its not hard to see why 80% of its residents live in coastal regions, but there is still much more to discover in the outback! So whether you pick up a surfboard or hit desert road, Australia is the perfect place for you to have your next adventure.

Of course, we offer fantastic adrenalin adventures like shark cage diving, white water rafting and flyboarding, but we also have some more relaxing experiences like whale watching cruises, scuba diving and swimming with dolphins. No matter what you’re into, it’s safe to say we have a water experience to suit all tastes.


All our water experiences take place in some of Australia’s most renowned aquatic areas, including places like the Ningaloo Reef, the Whitsundays, the Great Barrier reef, Yarra river, the Murray river, Noosa river and more. We also find the best surf spots for all our surfing enthusiasts – whether you want the best waves for learning or the biggest waves for carving.


And what about the creatures of the deep? Some of our adventures give you the opportunity to come face-to-face with seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales, great white sharks and whale sharks. Meeting these majestic ocean animals is something you’ll remember for a lifetime.


So whether you’re an adrenalin junkie or a family of five, you’re bound to find a water experience you’ll love. Whatever you do, don’t waste your summer trawling the mall or sitting in one place on the beach – get out there and have an adventure!

We offer a wide range of motorsports, from race cars to rally cars to 4WD to dump trucks! Whether it’s learning to drive a V8 UTE around a race track or moving dirt in a Bobcat, we’ve got the perfect motorsport experience for you.


If you’re an offroad enthusiast we’d recommend our rally car driving experiences, offroad V8 buggies, 4WD courses or our awesome quad bike tours! These adventures will get you out into wilderness and give you the chance to kick up some serious dirt.


If you’re more of a tarmac person, we’ve got an adrenalin-pumping V8 hot laps experience, or, if you’re in the mood for something completely different, why not find out what it’s like to ride a trike? We’ve got something for everyone!


Our rally cars and buggies will have you racing, ramping and tearing around a professional race track at eye-watering speeds, while our 4WD courses will equip you with the skills you need to handle any terrain.


If you’re in the mood for a bit of group fun, our quad bike tours get you out into nature and give you a whole new way to experience the outdoors.


We’ve also got dump trucks, Bobcats, bulldozers and excavators just waiting to make someone’s childhood dreams come true. Learn to drive these mechanical beasts and experience the power of these monster vehicles.  


So whether you want to race around some of Australia’s best racing circuits, or bounce over a dirt road in an off road buggy, drive a state-of-the-art rally car or learn how to maneuver a 4WD – this is your chance!


Don’t waste another precious weekend; indulge your need for speed with an amazing Break Loose motorsport adventure.

Our outdoor adventures are hand-picked to showcase the very best of the Australian landscape and are available in multiple locations across all states. If you think you have to drive hours out of the city to have an adventure – think again! We offer plenty of awesome experiences right in the heart of places like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart – as well as further afield. 


The experiences range from white-knuckle adrenaline to relaxing and family-friendly, so no matter who you are or what you’re into, you’re sure to find and adventure you’ll love. Our outdoor adventures are for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature or is just looking an awesome new story to tell.


So whether it’s spending the day hiking to a spectacular lookout, mountain bike riding down a fire trail or learning a new skill like abseiling, rock climbing or rap jumping – just do it! Get outdoors and spend time in the bush this weekend with an amazing Break Loose Land Adventure.

At Break Loose, we specialise in outdoor adventures – and these are some of the most exhilarating experiences on the menu.  If you want to get your heart pounding and have an awesome new story to tell, you’ve come to the right place!


Whether it’s whitewater rafting, shark cage diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing, riding in a jet boat, doing aerobatic tricks at 4000ft or speeding around a race track – we’ve got the ultimate adventure experience for you!


Grab your friends or head out on your own and find out just what Australia has got planned for you. Life’s too short to waste in front of the TV – get started on your bucket list today!

Skydiving is something on many people’s bucket list – and for good reason. Jumping out an aeroplane and free falling toward earth is an experience that’ll make you feel truly alive. We offer this adventure in a variety of gorgeous locations in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, NT, SA, Tasmania, ACT and WA. You’ll not only enjoy the thrill of the jump, but also the breathtaking views on the way down.


For those who’d rather remain inside the plane than jump out of it, we also offer a wide range of adventurous and aerobatic flight trips. You can either cling on whilst an experienced pilot does gravity-defying tricks in the air with you – or you can actually take the controls and learn to do a few tricks yourself! For a more relaxed experience, you could also enjoy one of our scenic flight trips.


Speaking of relaxed, there’s nothing more serene than a hot air balloon flight. This is the ultimate way to see the Australian landscape. Skim the treetops while sipping a glass of bubbly, or watch the sunset as you drift along with the gentle breeze. The experience of a hot air balloon flight is so phenomenal, it’s difficult to put into words – suffice it to say that life doesn’t get more breathtaking or romantic than this!


If a motorised trip is more your thing, then a helicopter flight is just perfect. See the sights in places like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and more, but see them from an entirely new perspective. This adventure offers excitement, wonder and the VIP experience all rolled into one!


So what’s holding you back? Don’t settle for an ordinary life – go on an adventure that’ll be something to tell your grandkids! No matter what kind of aerial experience you’re after, Break Loose will give you the wings you need to fly.

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, from pristine beaches, to outback havens. With a mainland continent, the island of Tasmania, as well as many smaller islands, Australia is rich with opportunities to explore and adventures to undertake. Due to Australia’s beautiful coastline, its not hard to see why 80% of its residents live in coastal regions, but there is still much more to discover in the outback! So whether you pick up a surfboard or hit desert road, Australia is the perfect place for you to have your next adventure.

No matter what your experience, preference or area, we have a package that’ll suit you. Our abseiling experiences and adventures take place in stunning places like the Blue Mountains in NSW, Gordon Dam in Tasmania and the Glasshouse Mountains in QLD; so just getting to the point you’re going to abseil from is a lovely outdoor activity in itself!


Currently, we offer abseiling courses and activities in various scenic spots around:


Sydney, Blue Mountains and Central Coast, New South Wales

Perth, Western Australia

Melbourne, Victoria

Hobart and South Tasmania

Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland


With our abseiling lessons, courses and tours, there’s a perfect experience for novice and advanced adventurers alike. Get those fingers ready for a challenging and exciting experience that’ll have you floating down some of Australia’s most breathtaking sites.

Not only is hiking a great gift experience for friends and family, but our bushwalking tours will take you through some of the most spectacular places in areas like Byron Bay, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Tasmania and more. You won’t believe how many gorgeous hiking trails are right in your own neighbourhood.


No matter where you’re from or how experienced you are, we have a walking tour or trekking adventure perfect for everyone. Hike up a mountain, along the pristine beaches or through some of Australia’s most iconic national parks.  You’ll experience nature as you never have before – it’s true that the best way to see Australia is on foot.


This is the ultimate gift experience for those who love outdoor activities and is sure to be one of those trips you never forget. Bushwalking is something that everyone can enjoy and it creates memories that last a lifetime.


A few of the best areas for hiking we service include: Hobart and South Tasmania, Launceston and North Tasmania, The Blue Mountains, Sydney and surrounds and Byron Bay, NSW. However, no matter where you decide to hike, you’ll find it’s a memorable experience and a wonderful opportunity to lose yourself in nature.

We offer exciting canyoning and mountaineering packages that provide lessons, trips and tours in locations that will blow you away. Swim the crystal clear rock pools, abseil down cliffs, reconnect with nature and have an adventure in the great outdoors!


Our experienced guides will provide safety and equipment lessons before you set off on your canyoneering adventures. Once you arrive at your stunning destination they’ll guide you as you explore the peaks and valleys of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales or get lost in the beauty of places like Dove canyon in Tasmania.


No matter your previous mountaineering experience, if you love nature, stunning views and adventure then canyoning is the perfect outdoor activity for you.


Wet canyoning experiences are held during the warmer months, while dry canyons are accessible most of the year. Why not challenge yourself with one of these thrilling and exhilarating gift experiences? Grab a friend and try canyoneering this weekend!

We offer guided cycling tours through the city and offroad. The city bike tours will have you taking in some of the best views and landmarks in places like Sydney, NSW and Melbourne, Victoria – while the mountain bike tours will have you on a wild ride down a scenic mountain biking trail. These fun and exciting trips will have you smiling from ear to ear.


Whether you choose one of the city adventures or the offroad gift experience, get ready for a bike riding adventure that you’ll never forget. All our cycling tours are run and guided by experienced teams who make sure your bike riding experience is safe and incredibly enjoyable.  


No matter what you’re after, we have the perfect cycling experience for you at Break Loose! Take a heart-pumping guided tour through Australia’s rugged landscape or go on a relaxed ride around the iconic Sydney Harbour – whatever your style, get on your bike and go on an adventure!

Explore forest paths, gallop through the glorious valleys of NSW’s Central Coast, discover natural billabongs in Perth or go on an exciting river ride. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, we have a tour that you will love. Our horse riding gift experiences include outrides and tours, as well as riding lessons for those who want to build up a bit more confidence first.


Bond with your steed in the great outdoors and share this fantastic activity with friends and family. Whether you’re in need of a few horseback riding lessons or you’re already a complete pro, we have something that’ll suit every age and experience level. Have a look at our horse riding packages in NSW and Perth and find the best adventure for you.


Our various rock climbing courses and tours include perfect experience for both novices and experts. We have lessons for those who’d like to improve their technique and adventure packages for those looking for more extreme climbing trips and courses. No matter what level you’re at, climbing is one of those experiences that you’ll never forget.


You can find rock climbing courses in just about all states in Australia, including renowned climbing spots near Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The Blue Mountains in NSW, the Glass House Mountains in Queensland and the south-west region of Western Australia are also favourites.


If you’re looking for outdoor activities and gift experiences that are sure to impress, rock climbing is difficult to beat. Whether it’s lessons, a full-day course or simply a guided climbing experience, we have some excellent options for you.


What’s holding you back? Rub some chalk on your fingers and get ready for one of the best experiences Australia has to offer!

We provide some of the country’s leading nature photography workshops so that you can learn to capture all your best experiences and adventures, and share them through photography.


Our photography course packages include lessons on wildlife photography, nature photography and landscape photography, and are available to anyone from novice to expert. To build on what you’ve learned in these courses, you can go on specialised photography tours through the beautiful wilderness while learning lessons from the pros.


These photography tours will give you hands-on experience in your desired field of photography, as well as endless breathtaking subject matter, courtesy of the ultimate muse: mother nature.


If you want to improve on your photography skills with a few lessons or go on a sightseeing tour to flex your creative muscles, a photography workshop or course is a fantastic gift experience. Give someone the gift that keeps on giving with one of our Photography Workshop Gift Vouchers.


Our boat cruise packages are the ultimate gift experience for those who want a scenic and relaxing tour or a fun, water activity. There’s something about boat cruises that calms the mind and delights the senses. Whether you’re sailing beneath the Sydney harbour bridge, connecting with nature while meandering up a river in NSW or watching the sun sink below the horizon in Victoria, our boat cruises are the perfect way to spend a day.


This once in a lifetime experience that will leave you craving more. Boat cruises operate in many of the bays, rivers, and ports around Australia and we have just the right boat trips for you and your group.

In Australia, we have over 13 different types of dolphin that grace our waters, from the Australian snubfin to the Indo-Pacific humpbacked. On our dolphin swimming gift experience, you’ll be educated about these beautiful creatures and will have plenty of time to gain practical knowledge of their behaviour as you swim amongst their frolicsome pods.


Or, if swimming with dolphins isn’t for you, our kayaking gift experiences will have you gliding along with them while you spot seals, birdlife and other ocean animals that come up to meet you.


The Australian Sea Lion is another fantastic creature to encounter in the open ocean. Be prepared for the most adorable puppy-dog stare you’ve ever encountered and enjoy watching them play beneath the waves as you swim with their colony.


What are you waiting for? Snorkel with Australian Sea Lions off the coast of Hopkin’s Islands in South Australia, or swim with dolphins and kayak with seals in Australia’s pristine waters of Western Australia, Victoria and other locations around the country. If you love animals and the ocean, this is the ultimate water activity for you.


You’ll fall even more in love with these beautiful creatures after experiencing them in their natural habitat. These tranquil and awe-inspiring experiences will leave you spellbound. It’s a memory that’ll last a lifetime!

Cast your line into the stunning deep seas of Sydney and the Gold Coast, or into the beautiful fresh water of the Nepean River and other freshwater fishing locations in New South Wales and around Australia. A fishing tour is a chance to connect with nature, have a great time on the water and, of course, reel in a beauty.


Our deep sea fishing charters will take you to the best spots along the gorgeous coastline, allowing you to look back at the shoreline of places like Sydney and the Gold Coast whilst you catch some of the ocean’s finest fish.


A deep sea fishing trip or fishing charter is a wonderful gift experience for all those fishing enthusiasts hoping to make their greatest catch yet. For novices, a fishing charter is a wonderful way to learn the art of fishing and it’s even a great adventure for those who just want to come along for the ride!


A deep sea fishing charter is one of those gift experiences that makes everyone happy as it’s a fun water activity packed with laughs, views, sunshine and adventure.

We offer canoeing and kayaking tours in various locations across Australia, taking you across rivers and oceans in the most beautiful places. These include: Melbourne, Victoria; Phillip Island, Victoria; Sunshine Coast, QLD; Adelaide, South Australia;  Sydney, NSW;  Byron Bay, NSW; Central and South coast of NSW; Perth, Western Australia; & Tasmania


If you’re in New South Wales; glide through the majestic bays, under the Sydney harbour bridge, along the NSW coastline or in the beautiful Byron bay.


Those in Queensland can see the Sunshine Coast as they never have before and meet some exciting marine life along the way.


Water activity enthusiasts will feel right at home in Victoria as there are plenty of great kayaking and canoeing packages in and around Melbourne and Tasmania, and if you’re in Southern or Western Australia, both Perth and Adelaide are home to some of the greatest rivers and beaches you’ll ever experience.


These are guided kayaking tours available to just about anyone. Whether you’re wanting to take a kayaking course, book a group canoe trip, sightsee from the open ocean or drift down a river, we provide kayaking adventures and gift experiences for every level.


Get outdoors and enjoy a scenic and unforgettable experience amongst Australia’s beauty. Book your Kayak or Canoe experience today.

If this sounds like your idea of fun, we have once-in-a-lifetime scuba diving packages available in some of the best spots imaginable. Whether you’re a beginner interested in taking diving lessons or courses, or a more experienced diver looking for scuba tours, we have the diving adventure for you.


For those who would rather snorkel, we also offer snorkelling trips that will blow you away. There’s nothing quite like the views you’ll see beneath the waves, and snorkelling is one of the best water activities you can do to experience it.


Regardless of whether you decide to scuba dive or snorkel, we’ll ensure that you have the best equipment and guides to keep you happy and safe on your adventures. All the scuba instructors have the correct, updated qualifications, and are as excited as we are to take you on one of their diving adventures.


Give yourself the gift of a lifetime and swim amongst the beautiful creatures of the deep. This is the ultimate water activity and one of those adventure trips you’ll never forget.


We currently offer lessons, courses and gift experiences in some of the best snorkelling and diving areas along the south coast of Australia. So whether you’re anywhere from Perth to Melbourne, you can have one of these unforgettable experiences.


If water activities are your thing, scuba or snorkelling experiences are a must, but you don’t even have to stop there! We offer many other exciting water-based adventures in areas such as:


NSW: Sydney and surrounding areas

QLD: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine coast and surrounding areas

WA: Perth and surrounding areas

SA: Adelaide and surrounding areas

NT: Darwin and surrounding areas

Victoria: Melbourne and surrounding areas

ACT: Canberra and surrounding areas

Tasmania: Hobart, North and South Tasmania


Get in touch and let’s find the ultimate aquatic adventure experiences for you!


Of course, every effort is made to ensure that all o