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Australia is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, from pristine beaches, to outback havens. With a mainland continent, the island of Tasmania, as well as many smaller islands, Australia is rich with opportunities to explore and adventures to undertake. Due to Australia’s beautiful coastline, its not hard to see why 80% of its residents live in coastal regions, but there is still much more to discover in the outback! So whether you pick up a surfboard or hit desert road, Australia is the perfect place for you to have your next adventure.

Get ready for the most exciting adventures Australia has to offer. Get your heart pounding, or settle into something a little more relaxing, Break Loose has an adventure perfect for you. Grab your friends or head out on your own and find out just what Australia has got planned for you! From white water rafting to skydiving, there’s an experience you will love.

Enjoy the magical views of the Australian landscape from a birds eye view! You can sore through the skies on a scenic joy flight or rise above the clouds on a tranquil hot air balloon flight. If excitement is more your thing then an aerobatics flight or skydiving adventure is for you! You can participate in a flying experience in just about every major capital city around Australia. Allow someone you love experience the thrill of lifetime with one of your flying experience gift vouchers!

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, from pristine beaches, to outback havens. With a mainland continent, the island of Tasmania, as well as many smaller islands, Australia is rich with opportunities to explore and adventures to undertake. Due to Australia’s beautiful coastline, its not hard to see why 80% of its residents live in coastal regions, but there is still much more to discover in the outback! So whether you pick up a surfboard or hit desert road, Australia is the perfect place for you to have your next adventure.

Not only is hiking a great gift experience for friends and family, but our bushwalking tours will take you through some of the most spectacular places in areas like Byron Bay, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Tasmania and more. You won’t believe how many gorgeous hiking trails are right in your own neighbourhood.


No matter where you’re from or how experienced you are, we have a walking tour or trekking adventure perfect for everyone. Hike up a mountain, along the pristine beaches or through some of Australia’s most iconic national parks.  You’ll experience nature as you never have before – it’s true that the best way to see Australia is on foot.


This is the ultimate gift experience for those who love outdoor activities and is sure to be one of those trips you never forget. Bushwalking is something that everyone can enjoy and it creates memories that last a lifetime.


A few of the best areas for hiking we service include: Hobart and South Tasmania, Launceston and North Tasmania, The Blue Mountains, Sydney and surrounds and Byron Bay, NSW. However, no matter where you decide to hike, you’ll find it’s a memorable experience and a wonderful opportunity to lose yourself in nature.

Explore forest paths, gallop through the glorious valleys of NSW’s Central Coast, discover natural billabongs in Perth or go on an exciting river ride. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, we have a tour that you will love. Our horse riding gift experiences include outrides and tours, as well as riding lessons for those who want to build up a bit more confidence first.


Bond with your steed in the great outdoors and share this fantastic activity with friends and family. Whether you’re in need of a few horseback riding lessons or you’re already a complete pro, we have something that’ll suit every age and experience level. Have a look at our horse riding packages in NSW and Perth and find the best adventure for you.


Our various rock climbing courses and tours include perfect experience for both novices and experts. We have lessons for those who’d like to improve their technique and adventure packages for those looking for more extreme climbing trips and courses. No matter what level you’re at, climbing is one of those experiences that you’ll never forget.


You can find rock climbing courses in just about all states in Australia, including renowned climbing spots near Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The Blue Mountains in NSW, the Glass House Mountains in Queensland and the south-west region of Western Australia are also favourites.


If you’re looking for outdoor activities and gift experiences that are sure to impress, rock climbing is difficult to beat. Whether it’s lessons, a full-day course or simply a guided climbing experience, we have some excellent options for you.


What’s holding you back? Rub some chalk on your fingers and get ready for one of the best experiences Australia has to offer!

We provide some of the country’s leading nature photography workshops so that you can learn to capture all your best experiences and adventures, and share them through photography.


Our photography course packages include lessons on wildlife photography, nature photography and landscape photography, and are available to anyone from novice to expert. To build on what you’ve learned in these courses, you can go on specialised photography tours through the beautiful wilderness while learning lessons from the pros.


These photography tours will give you hands-on experience in your desired field of photography, as well as endless breathtaking subject matter, courtesy of the ultimate muse: mother nature.


If you want to improve on your photography skills with a few lessons or go on a sightseeing tour to flex your creative muscles, a photography workshop or course is a fantastic gift experience. Give someone the gift that keeps on giving with one of our Photography Workshop Gift Vouchers.


Kayaking or canoeing tours are a wonderful way to see the countryside or admire Australia’s beautiful rivers and coastline. These tours are a great gift experience for anyone who loves outdoor adventures or water activities.


We offer canoeing and kayaking tours in various locations across Australia, taking you across rivers and oceans in the most beautiful places. These include: Melbourne, Victoria; Phillip Island, Victoria; Sunshine Coast, QLD; Adelaide, South Australia;  Sydney, NSW;  Byron Bay, NSW; Central and South coast of NSW; Perth, Western Australia; & Tasmania


If you’re in New South Wales; glide through the majestic bays, under the Sydney harbour bridge, along the NSW coastline or in the beautiful Byron bay.


Those in Queensland can see the Sunshine Coast as they never have before and meet some exciting marine life along the way.


Water activity enthusiasts will feel right at home in Victoria as there are plenty of great kayaking and canoeing packages in and around Melbourne and Tasmania, and if you’re in Southern or Western Australia, both Perth and Adelaide are home to some of the greatest rivers and beaches you’ll ever experience.


These are guided kayaking tours available to just about anyone. Whether you’re wanting to take a kayaking course, book a group canoe trip, sightsee from the open ocean or drift down a river, we provide kayaking adventures and gift experiences for every level.


Get outdoors and enjoy a scenic and unforgettable experience amongst Australia’s beauty. Book your Kayak or Canoe experience today.

If this sounds like your idea of fun, we have once-in-a-lifetime scuba diving packages available in some of the best spots imaginable. Whether you’re a beginner interested in taking diving lessons or courses, or a more experienced diver looking for scuba tours, we have the diving adventure for you.


For those who would rather snorkel, we also offer snorkelling trips that will blow you away. There’s nothing quite like the views you’ll see beneath the waves, and snorkelling is one of the best water activities you can do to experience it.


Regardless of whether you decide to scuba dive or snorkel, we’ll ensure that you have the best equipment and guides to keep you happy and safe on your adventures. All the scuba instructors have the correct, updated qualifications, and are as excited as we are to take you on one of their diving adventures.


Give yourself the gift of a lifetime and swim amongst the beautiful creatures of the deep. This is the ultimate water activity and one of those adventure trips you’ll never forget.


We currently offer lessons, courses and gift experiences in some of the best snorkelling and diving areas along the south coast of Australia. So whether you’re anywhere from Perth to Melbourne, you can have one of these unforgettable experiences.


If water activities are your thing, scuba or snorkelling experiences are a must, but you don’t even have to stop there! We offer many other exciting water-based adventures in areas such as:


NSW: Sydney and surrounding areas

QLD: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine coast and surrounding areas

WA: Perth and surrounding areas

SA: Adelaide and surrounding areas

NT: Darwin and surrounding areas

Victoria: Melbourne and surrounding areas

ACT: Canberra and surrounding areas

Tasmania: Hobart, North and South Tasmania


Get in touch and let’s find the ultimate aquatic adventure experiences for you!


If you’re a beginner, we have incredible surfing courses that will turn you into a surfing pro! With day surf lessons or week-long surf tours, you will learn just what it takes to ride the waves of Australia’s finest beaches. These are available as private lessons or group experiences; perfect for friends or families that love water activities.


For those who already know how to hang 10, why not improve your skills on a surfing camp, or expand your board-riding repertoire to include stand up paddle boarding? We have great surf trips and tours, as well as paddle boarding lessons and tours for all those who want to learn.


Australia has no shortage of excellent surfing spots – Sydney, the Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are all known for their breathtaking beaches and wonderful waves. In fact, if you live in or are visiting Australia, surfing or stand up paddleboarding is a great way to experience the best of the county’s beaches while getting some exercise and learning a new skill!


A surfing trip or paddle boarding lesson is the perfect gift experience. Have an exciting time with your friends, hone your skills in a private lesson or bring the kids along for an adventure: it’s an experience everyone will love. Whether you’re in based in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth, or are catching rays in the Sunshine or Gold Coast, you can meet new people and test your limits with these exciting surf and stand up paddle boarding experiences.

Whale watching is something that everyone should experience and is one of those trips that the whole family will enjoy. You won’t believe how incredible these creatures are, or just how special it is to watch them breach.


Whale watching tours are the perfect gift experience for anyone who loves water activities, and Australia is fortunate enough to be home to some excellent whale watching spots.


Sydney and the South Coast of NSW are well known for whale watching opportunities, as is Queensland and Fraser Coast. Our whale watching gift experiences and packages are available in both these areas and are guaranteed to delight you. The sight of the majestic whales (and possibly some Orcas and Whale Sharks) will leave you utterly speechless.


If you love majestic creatures of the deep and are looking for an extreme up-close experience, we also offer swims with whale sharks for those looking for a little extra adventure. This experience is available off the beautiful Ningaloo coast in Western Australia and, of all that water activities we offer, it’s right up these with the very best.


Whether you’re whale watching from the luxury of a cruise or swimming with them below the waves, an experience with these incredible creatures will leave you awestruck and stay with you forever.

A hot air balloon ride is truly unlike any other form of flying. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the countryside and is the perfect experience to share with friends, family or that special someone.


Break Loose has a number of hot air ballooning experiences that are sure to surprise and delight people of any age. We offer ballooning in many of Australia’s most beautiful areas, including:


Sydney and surrounding areas, NSW

Gold Coast, QLD

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD

Perth and surrounds, WA

Canberra, ACT

Adelaide and surrounds, SA

Darwin, NT

Hobart, TAS


From Byron Bay to Brisbane, Adelaide to Alice Springs; no matter where you decide to go ballooning you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.


It’s not difficult to imagine how wonderful a hot air balloon ride will be, but you only know just how perfect it really is once you experience it for yourself. There is no other feeling like it!


Whether you want to experience Sydney for a balloon basket, float above Perth, skim the treetops in Canberra or see Melbourne or the Gold Coast as you never have before –  we have the perfect location and balloon ride for you. The spectacular views will take your breath away and send your heart soaring!


If you love speed, excitement, and thrills, then one of our skydiving tours is the activity for you. Skydiving is a great gift experience or activity to share with friends, but beware: the rush is addictive! Once you’ve been on a skydive, the feeling is difficult to match. Luckily, if you love tandem so much you want to learn to go solo, we also offer great skydiving lessons and courses that’ll equip you with the skills you need in both AFF (accelerated freefall) and solo skydiving.


If you want to experience tandem or solo skydiving for yourself, or if you’d like to get it as a gift experience for someone special, we have a number of great packages in various areas across Australia, including:


Sydney and surrounds, NSW

Hunter region, NSW

Byron Bay, NSW

South Coast, NSW

Adelaide and surrounds, SA

Murray River area, SA

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD Whitsundays area, North Queensland,

Whitsundays area, QLD North Queensland,

North Queensland, QLD

Perth and surrounds, WA

Coral Coast, WA

North West, WA

Regional Western Australia,

Melbourne and surrounds, VIC

Great ocean road, VIC

Yarra Valley, VIC


These skydiving trips are available to experienced skydivers, as well as first-timers; the only prerequisite is a sense of adventure!
So whether you’re in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne or somewhere in between, get ready to have one of life’s greatest adventures.

Forget all your worries while you’re whipping around a racetrack, cornering like a pro and unleashing your inner Hamilton! Whether you want go kart racing lessons or just want to have fun with friends on the track, we have great go karting packages for everyone.


There are a number of great go karting courses around Australia where you can enjoy this experience, including:


Sydney and surrounds, NSW

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD

Gold Coast, QLD

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Perth and surrounds, WA

Adelaide and surrounds, SA

Canberra and surrounds, ACT

Darwin and surrounds, NT


Go Karting isn’t just for the young at heart, it’s is also one of the best gift experiences for children and is an excellent way to introduce your kids to motorsports. In fact, many of Australia’s leading race car drivers started with go karting. They’ll love it and so will you!


If you’re looking for fun experiences to do as a family, work team or group of friends, then go karting is a great option. What better way to challenge your team or group of friends than on a go kart race track? Go karting and have a blast!


Our quad biking tours are all guided by experts so you’ll be in safe hands; ensuring you can have all the fun you deserve. Our quad bike tours are also open to all levels of experience; whether you’re looking for beginners lessons or a serious adrenalin experience, these adventures are perfect just for you.


Break Loose offers some of the best packages and quad biking tracks in Australia, with tours and courses in epic locations such as Kangaroo Island off South Australia and along the central coast of New South Wales. When you combine gorgeous scenery with a white-knuckle outdoor experience, you know it’s going to be one of those trips you never forget. Quad biking is something that everyone will love, not only those who love motorsports!


What are you waiting for? Push yourself and your bike to the limits, encounter the adventure of a lifetime and book one of the best gift experiences available in Australia!

Those looking for things to do in Sydney, you won’t have to search for long. The capital city has a wide range of activities just waiting to be experienced. How about a deep sea fishing charter or a kayak tour that takes you beneath the iconic Sydney harbour bridge?  If that’s not enough adventure you can also try an exhilarating flip in a tiger moth or test your rally driving skills on an offroad track. There are so many fun things to do in Sydney. Find your ideal adventure gift experience today.


If you’re hunting for adventures along the coast of New South Wales you’re in for a treat. From North to South, NSW’s coastline is both picturesque and packed with outdoor activities and exciting things to do. Learn to surf, ride a horse on the beach, kayak on the open ocean, go on a stunt flight or enjoy the coastal view on the way down while you tick ‘skydive’ off your bucket list. If you love the beach and you love adventure then you’ll love the adventure experiences that await you on the north, central or south coast of NSW.


Another iconic adventure destination in NSW is the Blue Mountains. Located just 2 hours away from Sydney, the blue mountain range is home to some of the best views and outdoor activities in Australia. Take in the famous scenery on a scenic mountain bike ride or admire the views while abseiling down some of its spectacular cliff faces. You could also explore the canyons and waterfalls on a canyoning trip or flex your creative muscles on a sightseeing and photography tour. If you’re looking for exciting things to do in NSW, the blue mountains are a must.


Whether it’s wine tasting in the Hunter valley, a relaxing stay in Byron Bay, outdoor activities in the blue mountains or an adrenalin adventure in Sydney, NSW has the perfect gift experience for everyone. What are you waiting for?

Located in Australian Capital Territory, Canberra is home to many adventures and environmental wonders. Canberra is situated on the historical land of the Ngunnawal people; full Aboriginal culture with many sacred places and ancient customs.