Perths Top 5 adventure activities to do!

Perth boasts balmy temperatures, pristine beaches and a vibrant cosmopolitan city lifestyle, but with so much to see and do, we at Break Loose thought we would narrow it down to our top five most exciting adventure activities.

Our top five Perth Adventures are…

  1. The Penguin Island Kayak Tour
  2. Tandem Skydive over Rottnest island
  3. Abseiling, climbing and a bit of White Water rafting
  4. Rally Driving and Hot Laps
  5. Hot Air Balloon rides over the Avon Valley

So lets begin with..

1. The Penguin Island Kayak Tour

Of course a water based activity was always going to be in this list. Its just trying to find the right one from all of the great things to do. You can try scuba diving, surfing, jet boat rides, sailing, to name a few, but we think this one is pretty special. The Penguin Island kayaking tour is one of Perth’s most popular water based adventures that just about anyone can do. There’s nothing like encountering wildlife when out on a kayaking trip and the Penguin Island Kayak tour has the potential to bring you bring you up close to the local dolphins and Australian Sea Lion community as well as witnessing the wonderful antics of fairy penguins. Safe double kayaks are the choice mode of transport across Shoalwater Bay and once on the island you’ll have time to swim, snorkel and explore. This is why its one of our favourites. Its safe, open to most ages and definitely suitable for beginners.

The Penguin Island kayaking tour near Perth

2. Tandem Skydive over Rottnest Island

Why not spread your wings…. literally, spread your wings from 14,000 feet! This one for the adrenalin junkies. We have two Perth based tandem skydiving experiences to choose from, both with their own unique perspectives. First up is skydiving experience takes place on Rottnest Island just off the coast at Fremantle. This is a new and unique package. The views over the island are stunning with the turquoise water below you. Beach landing and a free Rottnest Island Explorer tour is included.

Both the Perth and Rottnest skydiving experience include 60 seconds of freefall at up to 200kph and a gentle 5 minute float down to terra firma. You can purchase photo packages and video on the day. Not convinced, then try one of our other skydiving locations around Perth include Tandem Skydiving, York, Tandem Skydiving, Rockingham and Tandem Skydive, Jurien Bay.

Awesome, amazing… Skydiving is just something you have to do!

Tandem skydiving over Rottnest Island near Perth WA

3. Abseiling, climbing and a bit of White Water rafting

Located within the Perth suburbs of Boya or Gooseberry Hill are two old quarries. These quarry sites provide the backdrop to our next big adventures, rock climbing and abseiling. These sites are ideal for learning abseiling and climbing and are very popular with local climbing clubs. Because of the way the rock walls are cut and the easy access the quarries provide, this is a great location to get you started. Now we recommend you use professional instructors get you started and we off one day courses in both rock climbing and abseiling.

Or you can take a day trip out of the city centre to the south western town of Collie and combine two of the most adventurous activities we offer; white water rafting and abseiling. Suitable for beginners, and under full instruction, you’ll start the day first with a dizzying descent at 8 meters high, before working your way upward from there. After lunch, cool off while paddling down towards the white waters of the Collie Rivers’ “waterfalls” and “3 drops” rapids. A great day of abseiling and white water rafting is guaranteed.

Abseiling lessons near Perth WA

4. Rally Driving and Hot Laps

After an action packed adventure? Look no further than a full day of Rally Driving just west of Perth at Bakers Hill. There you will get behind the wheel of a turbo charged 4WD Subaru WRX rally car. You will be learning about your rally car, driving on several tracks of varying difficulty and terrain. After a quick cuppa and a meet and greet at HQ you’ll be given a short interactive theory lesson then it’s straight out to the rally cars where you will be strapped in behind the wheel and put it all to practice on the beginners rally course. As your confidence grows with each circuit of the track you’ll have your Subaru WRX sliding around corners and tearing down the straits. Make sure to bring along your friends and family as they can watch all the action from the viewing platform and guess what, we bet they’ll sign up for their very own hot lap!

Rally driving experience at Bakers Hill near Perth.

Our fifth and final Perth adventure doesn’t take place in Perth but it’s the closest location you’ll find from Perth where you can go hot air ballooning!

5. Hot Air Balloon rides over the Avon Valley

One of Western Australia’s premier tourist activities, a hot air balloon ride over the Avon valley early in the morning is a breathtaking experience. Once aloft you’ll catch the early morning sunrise over the valley. You’ll drift over the rolling hills and the patchwork of farmlands. Your pilot is very happy to share the history of the region and especially the science behind how balloons work. At the end of the balloon flight its time to pack up and head back to Northam for a wonderful breakfast.

Hot air ballooning over the pastures of Avon Valley WA

Its important to note that ballooning in Western Australia is seasonal as the high summer temperatures are not suitable for hot air ballooning. It is best to experience hot air ballooning during the cooler months of April to November.

Well hot air ballooning rounds out our top five adventures around Perth. Of course that’s not all that Perth offers.  Notable mentions include Scuba Diving lessonsV8 Race Car driving experiences, and  Perth Jet Ski Tour Blast for 2. There are plenty of other adventures and you only have to search Break Loose to find them. Please share below if we’ve missed any or you want to tell us about your adventures.

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