Exploring Sydney Harbour by Sea Kayak

With a friend in tow, I headed into the beautiful area of Rose Bay, Sydney to go on an exciting adventure. Grabbing coffee at a conveniently located café right on the water, we walked down to sit by the bay. With the early morning sun warming our faces, we watched the yachts sail out, and the early rises walking the dogs along the shore.

Our launch site in Sydney ready for our sea kayaking tour.It wasn’t long before a car towing many kayaks came rolling down the hill. Unloading, the friendly man welcomed us to join him in preparing for our trip. More people wandered over, signed the formalities and excitedly rubbed sunscreen onto our cheeks. The atmosphere was great! With some reassuring seasoned kayakers, and some amateurs like me, our little team got ready to head out to sea.

It wasn’t long before we’d been given a rundown on the basics and shifted our kayaks into the water. Awkwardly climbing into the kayak, and watching a woman three times my age do it with ease, I realised I was going to be a bit out of my comfort zone. “Go left!” I shouted at my friend behind me who was in control of steering. The pylon of a small bridge we were to go under loomed dangerously close. Finally getting a hang of the steering, we set the kayak straight and headed out towards the fancy boats and yachts of Rose Bay. Our guide pointed out important race yachts, and then pointed us in the direction of our adventure.

Crossing the bay just as a sea plane takes lands.Not long into our trip did my friend and I begin to feel the burn in our shoulders. This was going to be tough work. With little skill to our names, angling the paddle into the water most efficiently was definitely not our forte, but we soldiered on, determined to keep up with the rest of the pack. Our guide kept encouraging us as we headed out further onto Sydney harbour, and we began to forget the ache in our arms.A chance for a rest and stretch our legs on land.It was beautiful, seeing the harbour from a different perspective. No longer was I just a passenger on a boat, riding the waves to get to a destination. Instead, I was inches from the waves, the salt spray clinging to my skin. Looking up at the cliff faces, and houses of Sydney’s elite, I saw Sydney as it was — one of the world’s most beautiful harbours. Discussing some of Sydney’s rich history, from the 19th century homes, to the degaussing pipes of World War II, we were able to get up close and personal with it all.

Back in the water after lunch. Great view back towards Sydney city.

From Nielsen park, we kayaked to Shark Island, where we would rest our sore arms and refuel our hungry bellies. Manoeuvring through a tricky patch of oysters, we pulled up to shore and stretched out our legs. Our guide sent us off to explore the island before we returned to find a lovely lunch spread out before us. It wasn’t long before we were back in our kayaks and continuing on our adventure. Across the water we kayaked, weaving through the moored yachts, and gazing up at the incredible properties on the shoreline.

As the day neared its close, we returned to Rose Bay for one last paddle. We pulled up on shore and lifted the kayaks out of the water, concluding a fantastic day. This kayak adventure is an incredible way to explore Sydney Harbour from the best mode of transport on the water!

Our kayak for the Sydney kayaking tour. A two person kayak with rudder at the back. Stable and fun.
Our kayak for the Sydney kayaking tour. A two person kayak with rudder at the back. Stable and fun.

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