Sydney Skydive, Tandem Skydiving Experience, 15,000 ft


For: 1 Person Location: Wilton Help Code: SYSKY010

Single weekend ($299)

Single weekday ($279)

Sydney Skydive, Tandem, 15,000 ft: Do you have an adrenaline addiction? The cure is a tandem skydiving experience southwest of Sydney at Picton. Ok, maybe not but stepping out of a plane at 14,000 feet will definitely feed your addiction. You're in good hands with Australia's No1 Skydive Company and the largest parachute and skydiving centre in the southern hemisphere. Check out all of the Sydney Skydive details below then jump on and book!

Sydney Skydive – Tandem Skydiving


  • Tandem from 15,000 feet
  • Free fall for 65 seconds
  • 5 minute skydive under canopy
  • Spectacular views of the countryside

Your Sydney Skydive tandem jump will start from at 15,000ft... thats over 4km high!! As you step out of the plane you will free fall for approximately 65 seconds at 200kph - the ultimate adrenalin rush!

From that amazing height the views are just stunning during your free fall. You'll look out over the mountains, the coast, the Sydney skyline and the surrounding countryside... you can see for miles.

Once the parachute is open the views are just as amazing. Your Tandem instructor will show you how the parachute works. For those a little more adventurous, grab hold of your adrenal gland as you take the controls of your parachute and fly with your instructor back to the Sydney's only self contained skydiving centre.

Don't forget this skydiving experience operates in Sydney's only self contained skydiving centre, thus they are much more likely to get your jump completed on time and on the day you pick. You have your own dedicated airspace and your own dedicated, private, self contained skydiving centre to take off from and to land.

What’s included in your Sydney Skydive?

  • 15,000 ft tandem skydive
  • Full colour certificate
  • Full safety briefing

Where is the Drop Zone?

  • The skydiving centre and drop zone is located near Picton on the Hume Highway. It is the closest skydive venue to Sydney!
  • Just a quick 55 minute drive south-west from the Sydney CBD.
  • We are located at Wilton

Free Pickup Service from Sydney

  • Free shuttle service from 196 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills near Central Railway Station.


  • Maximum weight of 115kg (over 95kg conditions apply, a surcharge is payable on the day)
  • Minimum age is 12yrs
  • Parents consent needed under 18
  • There is NO Maximum age (we have taken 94yr olds).
  • We will assess each person on an individual basis and will advise you.

What to bring and wear

  • Wear comfortable loose clothing.
  • Also wear sensible sports shoes, sandshoes, runners etc.
  • Glasses and contacts are also OK, just let your instructor know and they will give you goggles to suite.


  • You jump within a few hours of your arrival time
  • Allow at least 1/2 day free from your arrival at the skydiving centre.
  • You should expect an early start with an arrival time as early as 8am on the day.


  • Skydiving is weather dependant.
  • We will advise you if the weather is unsuitable on the day of your jump.
  • You may choose another day more suitable and your booking remains valid for a 12 month period.
  • NOTE:

    Break Loose recommends that you should always get Travel Insurance.

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