Hands-On Aerobatic Flying Lesson, Sydney


For: 1 Person Location: Bankstown Code: RBAHON
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Indulge your childhood fantasy and take control of the Robin 2160 aerobatic trainer. With the Hands On Aerobatic flight lesson your flight instructor will give you a pre-flight briefing then, once airborne, you’ll have the chance to take the controls and maneuver the Robin through level flight, a loop and a roll.

Upon your arrival at Bankstown, you will climb into a flight-suit and prepare to board. Your instructor will strap you securely into the Robin 2160 aerobatic training aircraft and fasten your headphones. There will be plenty of time for your family and friends to take photographs of you as you prepare for your flight.

Your instructor will proceed to give you a briefing on the aircraft’s controls and operations. When you feel secure, your pilot will climb in beside you and prepare the plane for take off. You will be able to hear all the calls to air traffic control and speak to your pilot through the intercom.

As this is an instructional flight the pilot will explain what is happening each step of the way. Once airborne he will explain the basic mechanics of flight and show you how the aircraft behaves at different attitudes. Once you are confident with this information it will be your turn to take control of the aircraft. Your instructor will hand over control of the plane to you and guide you through level flight.

But this flight isn’t just about flying the plane straight and level or doing basic turns. You’ll also get the chance to do more complicated and exciting manoeuvres like loops and rolls. By the end of the flight you’ll be confident enough to do these manoeuvres without the instructor even touching the controls. You may even get the chance to fly the plane back to Bankstown Airport where your instructor will talk you through the approach and landing.

Once you’re back at Bankstown you’ll be hard pressed to stop smiling for the rest of the day and we hope it is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

About the Robin

The Robin 2160 is a French designed, Canadian manufactured low wing monoplane, with two seats, a big bubble canopy and control sticks, not steering wheels. It has an excellent power to weight ratio and the crisp handling of a sports car. The Robin is powered by a 160HP engine, cruises at 120kts and climbs at 1000 ft/min. It is capable of all ‘standard’ aerobatic manoeuvres. It is without a doubt the most robust and manoeuvrable aerobatic training aircraft in Australia.

IMPORTANT: You must provide your weight and height when booking.

Price shown is for 1 person

Activity Location:

Sydney NSW

Type of Aircraft:

Robin 2160 Aerobatic Trainer.


45 minutes

Numbers on the Day:

1 Person per flight + Instructor


This flight is not suitable for children under 14years of age. Children under 18years of age must have permission from a parent or guardian.

Weight restrictions for the Robin 2160:

Max weight 110kg, Max height: 198cm.

This is a physically strenuous activity. Passengers must be in good health and of reasonable physical condition. It is not suitable for people with serious health conditions such as heart disease.

What to Bring & Wear:

If you are flying in our open cockpit bi-plane please wear closed in shoes (joggers are fine), and we recommend you bring sunglasses; If you have long hair please make sure it is tied back securely into a tight bun. We supply the flight suit, the helmet and the fun.

IMPORTANT: You must provide your weight and height when booking.

Price shown is for 1 person

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