Scuba dive HMAS Brisbane, Wreck Diving, from Mooloolaba


For: 1 Person Location: Mooloolaba Help Code: BLSW0010

Single ($184)

Scuba dive HMAS Brisbane: The ex-HMAS Brisbane is a former warship that lies off Mooloolaba. This scuba diving experience is a double dive on the ex-HMAS Brisbane and is one of Australia's Top 10 dive sites. This dive is suitable for Open Water Divers (certified to 18 metres).

Wreck certification is not a requirement for this dive. If you are diving by yourself the operator will buddy you up with another diver of similar experience.

What will you see diving on ex HMAS Brisbane?

As you approach the forward gun, clownfish dash from their colourful, cascading anemones to greet you; blue and green wrasse join in the celebration in a colourful display. Watch Out! Copious octopus eyes watch your every move; scorpion fish smoothly disguise themselves in the all-encompassing coral growth, concealing every inch of the mighty warship.

Venture inside to find majestic lion fish and puffers graciously moving with the gentle flow of the ocean. Massive schools of shiny bait fish part way as you swim through the spacious, awe inspiring sanctum that is the engine and boiler room. Will you jump with fright coming face to face with one of the many, massive, mysterious Queensland Groupers within the wreck?

Dive Information

  • Trips to dive HMAS Brisbane are scheduled everyday
  • Suitable for Open Water Divers (certified to 18 metres)
  • Wreck certification is not a requirement to dive this site
  • Depth ranges from 6 – 28 metres
  • WH&SQ advise a certified diver should not dive in excess of the depth to which they have been trained or have logged experienced to. We will require a certification card or a dive log signed by a Dive Guide proving that you have had experience to a certain depth.
  • Maximum dive time is 50 minutes
  • EAN (nitrox) is available
  • Diving by yourself? We will buddy you up with another diver with similar experience
  • Over 250 species of recorded fish life
  • Over 1,000 species of recorded of marine life

Want Hassle-free diving?

  • We are the closest dive shop to the ex-HMAS Brisbane. It is a short 20 minute boat ride from The Wharf Mooloolaba
  • Private Marina - depart directly from Scuba World (you won’t waste time travelling to and from public jetties)
  • We provide a complimentary pick up service within Maroochydore, Alex Heads, and Mooloolaba
  • Free all day parking at Scuba World
  • Full use of our loading zone to unload your equipment
  • Full use of our wash up facilities, toilets, hot showers and storage area.

Your Scuba Dive includes:

  • Two dives on the ex-HMAS Brisbane wreck
  • Experienced dive guides to dive the HMAS Brisbane on each trip. Our maximum ratio is one dive guide to six divers
  • Light food and refreshments during your surface interval
  • Your own safety sausage to keep when hiring all equipment ($10 value)
  • Conservation Park fee ($8)

What is not included:

  • Tank & weight hire $20
  • Full exquipment hire (excluding torch or gloves) $70
  • Torch Hire (if you plan on entering the HMAS Brisbane during a dive, a torch is mandatory, these are $20 to hire)
  • Gloves are recommend when diving on wrecks (you can purchase gloves from $20)
  • If you bring your own tanks, we can fill them for you after your dive ($10 per fill)

Is this dive site suitable for Open Water divers?


Do you accept all international certifications?


Do I need a torch when diving the ex-HMAS Brisbane?

Your first dive on the ship is an orientation dive, swimming around the outside of the wreck. If you wish to enter the ship this can be done on dive two, however a torch is mandatory if swimming inside the ship. There are high quality LED torches for rental.

Do I need to wear gloves when diving the ex-HMAS Brisbane?

No. However gloves are highly recommended, as the surface of the ship is covered with barnacles and oysters.

What safety items do I need?

Queensland’s diving code of practice requires divers to carry their own whistle and safety sausage (SMB).

Is the dive weather dependant?

Yes, the ex-HMAS BRISBANE is in open sea conditions.

What is the maximum depth of the dive?

The ship sits on the sand in 28m.

I have not dived for a while, will I be able to dive the wreck?

  • If you haven’t dived for more than 6 months you may need to complete a Scuba Skills Update.
  • If you haven’t dived for more than 5 years but less than 10 years you will need to complete a Extended Scuba Skills Update.
  • If you haven’t dived for more than 10 years you will need to complete a full Learn to Dive course before you can dive.

My partner/friend/family member is not certified. Can they still come on the boat?

No. Our insurance only covers current certified divers.

How long is this diving experience?


Break Loose recommends that you should always get Travel Insurance.

Allow roughly 5 hours.

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