Rottnest Island Tandem Skydiving, Perth, WA


For: 1 Person Location: Rottnest Island Help Code: BLSG0100

15,000 ft ($499)

14,000 ft ($459)

10,000 ft ($369)

Rottnest Island Tandem Skydiving: This tandem skydiving experience is Western Australia’s only island skydive experience. Located just 19kms off the coast of Fremantle, Rottnest Island is only a short ferry ride away, making it the perfect choice for your next skydiving adventure. Enjoy stunning views of the entire island on your flight up to jump altitude and as you experience the rush of a lifetime check out amazing views of Perth city and the coastline. You’ll land on the pristine beaches of Strickland or Bickley Bay to top off the experience.

Rottnest Island Tandem Skydiving


  • 20 min flight over Rottnest Island
  • Jump at 15,000, 14,000, 10,000 feet
  • 30–70 seconds free-fall!
  • Awesome views
  • Western Australia’s only island skydive experience
  • Rottnest Island admission fee
  • Jumps available daily

There is so much to do on the Island, that your spectators will enjoy the trip as much as you do. Enjoy your adrenalin-fuelled visit to Rottnest Island as part of a day trip from Perth, or an accommodated stay – the choice is yours!

FREE Rottnest Island Explorer Tour for every skydiver

Your Rottnest Island Tandem Skydiving experience begins with a 20 minute flight from Rottnest Island airport. From an altitude of 15, 14, 10 or 8,000 feet you will have amazing views of the turquoise waters below you.

Then it’s time for the door to open, and readysetGO!

The adrenaline starts pumping as you leave the aircraft, securely attached to your instructor and free-fall at 124-mph (200km/h) for up to 60 seconds! The ultimate rush as you spread your wings and ‘do the Superman’.

At 5,000ft your Tandem Skydiving Instructor will deploy your main parachute, and the world below starts to slow down. Now it’s time to take it all in for a 5 minute ride under the parachute, before a safe landing on sandy Rottnest Island beach.

Price does not include travel to Rottnest Island.


Break Loose recommends that you should always get Travel Insurance.

Check out our blog post on First time skydiving tips. So what’s stopping you? to answer some of your questions.


Jump Heights:

You choose which height you jump from:

  • 15,000 feet – 65–70 seconds of free fall
  • 14,000 feet – 60 seconds of free fall
  • 10,000 feet – 30 seconds of free fall

Fitness and Experience

  • No particular level of fitness is required
  • No experience is required

What to Bring and Wear

  • Wear comfortable casual clothes
  • Track pants or shorts with a t-shirt or sweatshirt and runners are perfect
  • Footwear should be enclosed
  • Please avoid wearing shoes or boots with 'hook' style laces or chunky tread and heels


  • For your safety, a passenger weight limit of 95kg applies.
  • Passengers of poor health are not advised to skydive, please discussed any conditions with Break Loose staff before booking to assess if skydiving is right for you.
  • Must 12 years or older
  • 12–18 years require a parent/guardian consent

What is Supplied

  • Professional Tandem Master
  • Instruction and disclaimer requirements from the Australian Parachute Federation
  • All skydiving equipment
  • Comfortable goggles designed to wear over glasses and contact lenses
  • Your Australian Parachute Federation levy is included in the price
  • Complimentary drink at beachside cafe

Session Length

Allow around 2 hours for the whole experience.


Skydiving is very weather dependant. The skydiving team will make a decision regarding the weather for your skydive, a minimum of 1 hour prior to your scheduled ferry departure time. In the case of adverse weather conditions, you will have the option of moving your booking to another day, or receiving a full refund.

Getting to Rottnest Island

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