Langhorne Creek Tandem Skydive from 9000ft


For: 1 Person Location: Langhorne Creek Help Code: BLSKDSA1677

Single ($299)

Tandem skydiving from 9,000 feet is a great way of introducing youself to this amazing extreme sport. This tandem skydiving experience is great value! Our Langhorne Creek Tandem Skydive from 9,000 feet will give you 20 seconds free fall and offer amazing views of Lake Alexandrina and the Coorong – where the Murray meets the sea!

Langhorne Creek Tandem Skydive


  • Meet your tandem skydiving instructor for a 15 min briefing
  • Then there's a 20 minute flight to exit height
  • Freefall for approximately 20 seconds
  • 5–7 minute canopy ride to the ground, taking in the awesome views!
  • hi-fives all around for an awesome job.

Your instructor wears a parachute built especially for the two of you. You are connected with a special harness. Only the most up-to-date equipment is used and all parachutes are fitted with a computerised back-up opening device.

On the way down don't forget to look out for the spectacular views of the great Murray River, Adelaide Hills, Coorong, Lake Alexandrina and the South Coast.

Book our Langhorne Creek Tandem Skydive for next weekend, or gift someone special this skydive experience.

Did we mention how cool this experience is!


  • We jump in up to 25 knots of wind subject to turbulent and gusty conditions
  • Low, thick complete cloud cover and heavy rain will stop skydiving
  • If skydive is cancelled due to weather you will be rebooked on another day

Age & Health

  • Minimum age for a tandem skydive is 14 years.
  • Anyone under 18 years will require parent or guardian consent.

Size and weight limitations

  • The maximum weight for tandem skydive is 115 kg
  • A surcharge applies for anyone over 90kg.
  • Surcharge for over 90kg $25, over 95kg $45, over 100 $70. Payable on the day.

What should I wear?

  • Loose, comfortable clothing is best.
  • Runners or sand shoes. No high heals or boots.
  • Dress as you would for the weather on the ground.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

You can jump with either as we will supply special goggles for both.

How long will it take?

  • Allow 1/2 day free from your arrival at the skydiving centre.
  • A Tandem jump involves a 20 minute briefing and gear up after which you will board the aircraft for flight.


  • Langhorne Creek dropzone: Private Airfield: 151 Skeldon Rd, Wellington, 5259, SA

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