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For: 1 Person Location: Jurien Bay Help Code: BLSJB001

14,000 ft Fri, Sat, Sun ($449)

14,000 ft Mon - Thur ($399)

Jurien Bay Skydiving: Enjoy one of life's ultimate thrills with a Jurien Bay Tandem Skydive and jump over one of Australia's most beautiful beach skydive locations. You choose your skydive jump height, 8,000, 10,000 or 14,000 feet. It's not just the thrill of this tandem skydive that gets your heart pounding, it

s the amazing views over Jurien Bay and the coal coast of WA, with its beautiful beaches and amazing blue turquoise ocean. This has got to be ticked off your bucket list!

Jurien Bay Skydiving


  • Up to a 20 min flight over the Jurien Bay area
  • Jump at 14,000, 10,000 or 8,000 feet
  • 20–60 seconds free-fall!
  • Beach Landing

Attached to a Tandem Jump Master, you will skydive above the amazing coast of Jurien Bay and land on the beach. Jurien Bay Skydiving allows you to experience the thrill of a skydive and free fall without the intensive training that goes into skydiving by yourself.

Before boarding the plane you will receive a simple ground briefing and an overview of canopy control and landing procedures. You then climb into the plane, take-off and begin the climb to to jump altitude. When you reach this point, a final systems check is carried out.

Its now you get to experience the sensation of stepping into the emptiness as you leave the airplane. At this point you will be heading towards terminal velocity, at approx. 200kph. You will freefall for around 20–60 seconds until your instructor pulls the ripcord at about 4,500 ft and your parachute is deployed.

The silence is amazing, the view sensational and during the 5-minute descent you will be taught how to fly the parachute to a gentle landing. Skydiving is one of life's greatest experiences.

Jurien Bay Skydiving Jump Heights

  • 14,000 Feet (approx. 60+ sec free fall)
    (note price difference for weekday and weekend jumps)
  • 10,000 Feet (approx. 35 sec free fall)
  • 8,000 Feet (approx. 20 sec free fall)

How to Book:

  • Choose the jump height.
  • Choose a check-in time:
    • The available times above are just the time we expect you to check-in at our office.
    • You can expect to do your jump about two hours after your check-in time.
    • We recommend you book your check in time as early as possible to give us maximum options with the weather. 
  • On the booking page, choose your date from the calendar
  • Fill in your contact information and supply your weight
  • Price shown above is for a 8,000 foot skydive.

Why Skydive at Jurien Bay?

  • The view of the Turquoise Coast. Nowhere else comes close.
  • We only land on the actual beach.
  • Our safety record speaks for itself.
  • Our tandem instructors are professionals.

How far is Perth to Jurien Bay? Just two hours north of Perth via the new scenic Indian Ocean Drive, and only 20 minutes from the iconic Pinnacles. Video and photography of your tandem skydive are available on the day and organised directly with the operator after booking.

We have some pretty amazing beach skydives around Australia, but a Jurien Bay Skydiving experience has to be Australia's Most Beautiful Beach Skydive!

Operator Conditions

  • Do not consume any alcohol at least 8 hours before your jump.
  • All jumps are at the discretion of the Drop-zone Safety Officer.
  • Dates and Times may be changed with more than 24 hours notice.
  • "No-shows" will forfeit their jump and no refunds are offered.
  • Skydiving is a weather dependant activity. If your jump must be postponed due to bad weather, it will be rescheduled within six months on a day mutually agreeable. If no other day is possible, there are no charges.
  • If you are above 100kg please inform us at the time of booking
  • If you have a disability or an injury, please inform us so that we can determine if a jump is possible.

What to Wear

  • Please wear appropriate footwear such as running shoes or joggers.
  • We recommend you wear a T-shirt with no collar rather than a singlet.
  • Shorts, knee length; 3/4 pants and track pants are all suitable
  • If it is Winter, we recommend a long sleeve T-shirt, or something with some warmth in it.
  • Be sun smart and bring a hat or cap, and sunscreen

How long does it take?

The whole process should take about an hour for one, two or three people, but we recommend to give yourself some leeway in case of poor weather conditions, or other delays which may be beyond our control. We recommend you give yourself a full day without time constraints.

Fitness Levels and Restrictions

  • You must be at least 14 years old (14-17 years require a parent-guardian consent)
  • If you weigh more than 100 kgs, please inform us at the point of booking.
  • You must be fit enough to lift your legs for the landing
  • If you have a weak heart, experience feinting or dizzy spells, you should get your doctors advice before you decide to jump.
  • Many pregnant women jump in their first trimester.
  • If you have glasses or contact lenses just let your tandem instructor know.
  • If you have a shoulder that dislocates easily, you should also let your instructor know.
  • If you have an injury or disability, please contact us to discuss the possibility of a jump.

IMPORTANT: You must advise us if anyone is over 100kg in weight. Weight restrictions do apply.


Break Loose recommends that you should always get Travel Insurance.

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  1. Gary

    Got a voucher for my 30th and it was epic. The views over Jurien Bay were just beautiful. And I couldn’t have felt more safe. 14000ft drop, and I’m still blown away!

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