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For: 1 Person Location: Coolangatta Qld Help Code: GCSD0100

Single ($395)

Gold Coast Skydive: Enjoy one of life's most memorable and adrenaline pumping experiences... tandem skydiving. And no better place to do it than over the beaches of the iconic Gold Coast, south of Brisbane Queensland. Our Gold Coast Skydive takes place from 12,000 feet above the beaches. You'll exit the plane and free fall for forty-five seconds, then gently glide for 5 minutes landing on the beach below. We know it sounds easy! It is. But you need to summon the courage to do it. Or better still, give someone a Gold Coast Skydive gift voucher and watch them do it.

Gold Coast Skydive


  • 20 minute flight over the Gold Coast
  • Jumping at 12,000 feet!
  • 45 seconds of free fall at 200kph
  • 5 mins of gentle flying under canopy
  • landing on the beach
  • kissing the ground!

On the day of your tandem skydive

You'll arrive at the Gold Coast Skydiving centre in Coolangatta, fill out a few forms. The ones that say you are sound of mind and ready to jump. You're skydiving instructor will run through a few "dirt dives", these are practice skydiving exits. You'll be taught the skydiving basics of canopy control and safe landing procedures. You'll then board our specially built skydive aircraft and enjoy a 20-minute flight to an altitude of around 12,000 feet. Its final checks, a tap on the back and out the door you (with your instructor securely attached to your back) as you both take the quick way down – straight towards the beach!

Now its 60 seconds of adrenaline pumping excitement as you free fall at terminal velocity – thats around 200 kph. At 4,500 feet your instructor will pull the rip cord activating your parachute. Then its a wonderful and gentle ride to the ground. Be sure to take in the sights of the Gold Coast, her beaches and the surrounding hinterland to the west. As you approach to land, its knees up as you gently land on soft sand of Kirra beach just 3 minutes walk from the office. Skydiving done and dusted, you can tick that one off your bucket list. Or, do it again!

What's Included?

  • Skydive instruction
  • Tandem Instructor
  • Tandem skydive over the Gold Coast
  • FREE pickup from Surfers Paradise every day at around 7am and free return transport.Session Length:
  • Allow 3 hours for the experience

Photo & Video

  • Photo & video packages are available. These can be organised on the day of your jump. Ask us about pricing.

Age and Weight Restrictions:

  • The minimum age is 12 years and there is no maximum age.
  • 95kg is the standard weight limit.
  • You can still skydive if you’re over 95kg but under 115kg.
  • For participants over 95kg there is a $50 surcharge and the jump is more subjective to weather conditions.


  • Skydiving is a weather dependant activity and may be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable (windy or raining).
  • If skydiving is cancelled due to weather the operator will contact you and re schedule your booking.
  • If you are unable to re schedule you will receive a full refund.

Health and Fitness:

  • You cannot skydive if you have scuba dived within 24 hours of your booked jump.
  • You can skydive and then scuba dive however so consider booking your jump first.
  • You cannot skydive if you are pregnant or suffer from heart conditions or epilepsy. We recommend you get clearance from your doctor before booking.

Departure and Landing

  • Your tandem skydive starts and finishes at the office located at 18 Coyne Street Coolangatta.
  • You will need to arrive here 15 minutes before your booking time.
  • You land on the soft sand of Kirra beach

What to wear:

  • Enclosed shoes and comfortable clothing.

Cancellation Policy:

  • You can change your booking date/time freely up to 24 hours before your booking time.
  • You can cancel up to 24 hours before your booking. A fee of $7.50 is applicable per person.
  • No refunds are paid if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or do not turn up on the day.


    Break Loose recommends that you should always get Travel Insurance.

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