Full Day Rally Driving Course, Perth


For: 1 Person Location: Dowerin Help Code: RALY2357

Single ($899)

Our full day rally driving course near Perth is designed for anyone wanting an action packed day of Rally Driving! This is a FULL ON rally driving experience behind the wheel of our Turbo Charged, 4WD Subaru Rally Cars where you will drive for 26 laps on several varied rally tracks increasing in difficulty.

You'll meet us in the morning in our HQ for a hot cup of tea or coffee before your full day rally driving course beings at 9:00am with a 30 minute interactive theory session. During this session we’ll introduce you to the safety, the how and the why of Rally Driving.

Once you’ve gained the rally basics, it’s straight to the turbo charged, 4WD Subaru Rally Cars where we’ll strap you in behind the wheel to put it all into practice. We will start you out on the basic rally courses in an open, level area to find your feet. Within a short time you’ll be sliding the Subaru rally cars around, experiencing the thrills of controlled sideways rally driving.

After lunch it’s back into the rally car for more rally driving. Now you’ll be putting your new found skills to good use. You’ll complete several laps of our purpose built rally tracks and special stage.

Near the end of the session we’ll swap seats with you. This time you’ll be in the navigator’s seat as we take you for an adrenalin packed sideways hot lap around our rally stage.

How Many Laps will I drive during the Full Day Rally Driving Course?

The Full Day course is 26 laps on several varied rally tracks increasing in difficulty, including a rally track that winds through the trees. Full Day Participants also drive on another rally track, not part of the Half Day rally course. After all that you'll also drive our intense, twisting, turning full on 2.7km rally stage three times!

Our Rally Cars - the Subaru WRX STI & Subaru Liberty (Legacy) RS

Our Subaru STi Rally Cars are all built in Perth to Group A or (as known in Australia) PRC specs. The cars are all Four Wheel Drive Turbo Subarus with free flowing exhausts which provide more turbo boost and power. Our rally cars are fitted with quick shift, close ratio gearboxes, Pro-Drive, STD & STI rally suspension, wide comfortable seats, full roll cages, and 5 or 6 point rally harnesses for safety. To give you the true rally driving experience, we also run our rally cars on proper rally tyres.

Participants drive both types of 4WD Turbo Subaru rally cars at our Rally Experiences

Our Subaru Liberty RS rally car is fitted with a WRX STI engine, gearbox and rally diff ratios as well as a 3" turbo back exhaust. Using the 2L Turbo charged Subaru boxer engine coupled with Subaru’s all wheel drive transmission, the Legacy RS proved a highly competitive package.

Optional Extras

In Car Video of your Rally Experience: $50.00 (Organised on the day)
Rally Hot Lap for friends or family: $50.00 (Where time permits, organised on the day)

Prices shown is for 1 person.

Things to know

Things you should be aware of

  • Participants must be able to drive a manual car. A civil driver’s license is not required to participate in this rally driving course.
  • The minimum age is 14 years old. Those aged between 14-18 must have all paperwork signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Participants must be free of any medical conditions that may prohibit them from driving.
  • Participants must be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • All Participants must attend the mandatory drivers' briefing. Failure to attend the FULL briefing will result in a forfeiture of booking. No refunds will be offered.
  • A height restriction of 193cm and a weight restriction of 130kg applies to all participants.

Where are you located?

Our venue is in Dowerin approx 1.5 hours North of Perth in picturesque WA Wheatbelt. Directions are sent to participants with the paperwork for each Rally Experience after booking by the operator.

Can friends and family attend?

Absolutely! We have viewing areas set up so friends and family can watch, take photos or video.

What should I wear?

  • You should wear a pair of jeans (without any holes or rips in them), a cotton long sleeve shirt or a cotton/woollen jumper over the top of a t-shirt.
  • You may wear work or race boots (no knee high boots or boots with a high heel), leather shoes, running or sand shoes.

We simply cannot accept: shorts, t-shirts alone, tank tops, dresses or skirts, open toe shoes, thongs, sandals or high heels.

Numbers on the day

Numbers are limited to just five for each rally car in our half day Rally Driving Experiences.


Paperwork is emailed to participants of Rally Experiences approx 1 week before the booked event. The required paperwork must be correctly completed and brought along to the event with the voucher.


Animals and Motorsport do not mix.

Price shown is for 1 person

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