Extreme Aerobatics Flight, Yak 52, Hunter Valley


For: 1 Person Location: Hunter Valley Code: AER200


This aerobatics joy flight in a military Yak 52 is not for the faint hearted! This flight includes all aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops, rolls, immelmans, cuban eights, and the ever graceful stall turn. Then we’ll through in some additional snap rolls, flicks, avalanches, vertical rolls, spinning and a bunch of other moves set to topple your gyros. Experience all the sensations of an aerobatic display pilot and have the family watch in awe at the whole experience from below.

Yak Aerobatic Highlights

  • Amazing views of the Hunter Valley including wineries and scenery
  • Full military style flying, maneuvering and aerobatic flying experience.

What’s Included

  • 20-25 Minutes aerobatic flight
  • Military style flight briefing from your experienced pilots
  • Flying suit is provided for the flight experience

Yak 52 Warbird

Our aircraft of choice is the Yak 52. First designed in the 1970’s the Yak is still being manufactured and used by Air Forces all over the world. The Yak 52 was designed with one thing in mind – Aerobatics! Over 1800 of the type have been manufactured with the super-charged M14P engine giving a whopping 360 Hp and with it’s straight wing and span length ailerons can roll at over 180 degrees per second and snap roll even faster!

To the untrained eye the Yak and Chinese built Nanchang look very similar but given that the Yak was built for aerobatics, it has a straight wing and much larger control services. It also uses more steel in it’s construction and has external as opposed to flush rivets.

This aircraft is kept to the highest standards and is regularly serviced by Luskintyre Aircraft Restoration.


Rutherford, Hunter Valley.

Session Length:

Allow 1 hour for the entire experience, this includes 20-25 minutes in the air.


Minimum age is 10 years. Maximum weight is 125kg. Due to the nature of the experience people with pacemakers are not able to participate in this experience.


You will be one on one with your instructor.


Spectators are welcome to watch the you takeoff and land.


In the event of poor weather your experience will be rescheduled for another day.

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