Adventure Gift Vouchers are still a great idea

Adventure Gift vouchers or gift certificates are a great idea for some. But over the years they have come under some very valid scrutiny. New credit card laws require businesses, both large and small to charge the correct credit card fees. Recently one of Australia’s leading experience gift retailers was fined by the ACCC for over charging their customer’s credit cards.

At Break Loose we DO NOT charge credit card fees!

Compare our competitors!

Below is a feature list of the most popular companies providing adventure based gift vouchers and the pros and cons of each.

  Break Loose Red Balloon Adrenalin Gifts That Thrill
3 Year Expiry on Vouchers YES YES YES YES
28 day Refund YES NO NO YES
NO Transaction Fees YES NO YES YES
NO Booking Fees YES NO NO YES
Quick Purchase system YES NO YES NO


Adventure Gift Vouchers are still a great idea

3 Year Expirey Date

Break Loose Vouchers are valid for 3 years. The only condition we have is that if the price of the experience has changed since the original purchase of the voucher, that the redeemer pay the balance.

28 Day Refund

Break Loose offers a 28 day cooling off period on all vouchers purchased. We understand that, for what ever reason, the recipient may not want to do an adventure experience. So we won’t force them to use the voucher, we’ll offer a complete refund to the original purchaser.

NO Transaction Fees

We charge NO transaction fees. None whatsoever.

NO Booking Fees

We charge NO booking fees either!

Free Postage

We are quite happy to post vouchers for our customers free of charge, but it must be kept in mind, we send vouchers via Australia Post’s Regular post so you must allow 2-6 working days for delivery, and we cannot track this once its left our office.

Free Exchange

What if a customer wants to use their voucher for a different experience other than the one recommended? No problem, no fees, no charges, no making the customer jump through hoops to achieve this. We’ll just change the voucher to suit.

Quick Purchase System

One page checkout! We don’t require you to register, create usernames and passwords. Simple, quick and painless.

We think we offer a pretty fair deal when purchasing one of our Adventure Gift Vouchers. But only you can decide if we do.

The information in the above table was correct at the time of publishing 01 August 2017 and may have changed since then. Some of the companies mentioned may have decided to change their policies, I know we at Break Loose won’t be.

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Happy adventuring!

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