A wonderful day kayaking in the King River Gorge

My partner, brother and sister in-law kayaked through the King River Gorge in the pouring rain on a somewhat cool summer day for Tasmania. Despite the rain (which you didn’t notice once you landed on the river as it is so beautiful), we had a brilliant time. We travelled up stream with a goal to reach the waterfall at the end, which I’m told not many people achieve.

Our King River guides were amazing

Our guides Oliver and Carolyn were amazing, so informative and helpful, assisting to lug our kayaks over rapids and the boulders, filling us in on a lot of the foliage along the river, and sharing in many of our bouts of laughter. My partners’s frustration with my paddling made me laughed so hard, it caused us to paddle in circles! We had to jump into the river many times to guide our kayaks up the rapids then climb back in (not very gracefully I might add) then venture on to the next beautiful and peaceful part of the river.

Ooh’s and ahh’s at the amazing scenery

Needless to say after much banter and ooh’s and ahh’s at the scenery, we achieved our goal 🏅when we turned the last corner to see the waterfall. It took about 2 seconds for all of us to jump in and swim to the waterfall to stand under the icy cold water and experience nature at its best! None of us expected this day to be so unforgettable, but it was.

We are all so glad that we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. It certainly was not what we were expecting, but one we will never forget.

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King River Kayaking Tour, Tasmania
Arriving at starting point of the King River kayaking trip near Launceston Tasmania.
A refreshing dip in the King River Tasmania.
Taking a swim in King River is an exhilarating experience!
A wonderful day kayaking in the King River Gorge Tasmania.
Manoeuvring the kayaks through the rapids!
Enjoying a paddle along the King River. Rapids ahead!
King River Gorge, an amazing location for a kayaking adventure.
A wonderful day kayaking in the King River Gorge 04
Swirling waters and wilderness rainforests. The river in all its glory.

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