80 year old mum tries abseiling at Gordon Dam

We stayed at the Lake Pedder Lodge the night before, which in itself was an experience! This caused one issue however, because there was no mobile coverage there the guides could not contact us. Luckily the weather was great and the next morning we drove to Gordon dam.

Our guide, Phil, was fantastic. He took Mum under his wing and was so patient with her and me. They did everything they could to make us comfortable and reassured.

The abseil was beautiful, the scenery breathtaking and the guides were so professional and supportive!

The hardest part for us was the climb back up to the top. Imagine an 80 year old blind women climbing ladders and you can picture what we have accomplished. Phil was waiting at the top for us to make sure we were still ok.

Mum has described the day as the best day of her life. And, she wants to go back next year and do it again.

So thank you so much Denise and Break Loose for organising it. It was an amazing experience that we will both look back on for many years to come with pride.

It was amazing!

Mum still can’t believe it.

You to can try abseiling down Tasmania’s Gordon dam but you don’t have to wait until you are 80!

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